What is VIP Blackjack?

Blackjack is a traditional card game that has endured the test of time plus it has stayed adored by gamblers across the world. With the facility of live casino versions, you can have the complete VIP experience from the ease of your homes. Now, you can easily check your recent blackjack tactic on the best and most experienced dealers from Evolution Gaming.


Symbols, Sounds, and Themes

Evolution Gaming is the godfather of live casino games. The Live Blackjack VIP game is the perfect example of why. This slick and fast blackjack game offers a realistic blackjack experience like never before. You will be steered to a dimly lit and warm casino room along with your blackjack table being situated in the center of the table. The gracious dealer will give you her/his introduction and greet you at the table. Since the rest of the area might be dimly lit, you will clearly see everything on the blackjack table.
This version of VIP live Blackjack doesn't have a soundtrack; however, it will offer you the most genuine casino experience. You can also hear the soft talk coming from other game tables in the background, and you will feel like you are sitting at a land-based casino. In addition, it produces the feel of a hectic casino floor that improves your experiences. The visual aesthetic of this game is very clean, without any mess, and all gambling bays are defined clearly. You will easily read all the controls, you will receive betting limits, and your cards will be clear and beautifully crisp.

Something about Game Mechanics

The VIP blackjack table usually covers the full screen to optimize your screen, whether on mobile or desktop. Also, the gameplay is easy to follow and smooth. You will get three gambling boxes, and you can choose how many you want to place wagers on and choose the wagering amount. Because each box is a brand new wager, so you can play low in one and high in another, it is totally under your control.
€50.00 is the minimum bet set for each hand, and you can increase it up to €5,000 per hand. The stakes are high; however, the winnings will be higher. If you are a veteran player of Blackjack and you don't like the standard play, you can pick Fast Play's option to augment the speed at which cards are removed and dealt on the table.

Bonus Features

With the live version of Blackjack VIP, you will get the chance to play one hand simultaneously while following the standards rules of the blackjack game. In addition, you can play the game at your speed because the dealer will wait for you to stake. This version also provides a quick 3:2 payout if you hit the final winning hand called Blackjack. The best thing about the Live Blackjack VIP game from Evolution Gaming is that it is accessible with some special wagering options. The Pre-Decision is the first option that can aid in making this speedy game even speedier. With this option, a player like you can easily decide to Split, Double Down, Stand, or Hit all at once as the first player, and you don't have to wait for your turn.
You will also find more features like Perfect Pairs side bets and the 21+3, which add more interest and generates additional betting opportunities. For example, the Perfect-Pairs side bet will allow you to enhance your winning payouts if your initial two cards dealt are a perfect, colored, or mixed pair. In contrast, a 21+3 side bet provides you with the opportunity to win an entire variety of poker-style card combinations.

Play 'On The Go'

If you love to play Blackjack for higher bets, Live VIP Blackjack is the best option. This terrific game runs great on all portable devices with a user-friendly interface, clear sounds, and exquisite graphics.

Benefits of VIP Blackjack

Blackjack is considered the most famous casino card game. Either offline or online, this game has won the hearts of many people around the globe. However, most blackjack lovers choose to play the game without VIP benefits because they only see the tip of an iceberg. Most people think that a VIP player needs to spend more money on the game, but they don't realize the profits or bonuses. Here are some benefits of playing Blackjack as a VIP (Very Important Person) player.

Wait for less, play more.

Time is the most important benefit that you will get while playing as a VIP. At first, it may seem strange, but there is nothing more prestigious than time. Both land-based and online casinos prioritize top players by providing them the best dealers, tables and no lines. VIPs don't need to wait to receive a free table from playing Blackjack because they always get room to play their preferred game.

Play with famous and skilled blackjack players

Because blackjack rules are simple, several players play this game at online casinos. But, most players choose the cheapest rooms, where everybody can play with each other. In contrast, VIP players can pick blackjack rooms to play with the experienced and top players. That's a great option for people who want to win and hone their gambling skills in Blackjack. Online and live VIP blackjack rooms at web-based casinos ensure that only a professional group of bankrolled players will play at the table.

Obtain a higher income from live VIP blackjack

The topic of blackjack winnings is also very important for professional players. Higher winnings belong to the most significant perks of VIP blackjack. Playing the blackjack game on high bets assures sophisticated jackpots for the propitious winner. You will get more when you bet more. VIP game rooms also provide better privacy for people who want to enjoy gambling on high bets. It implies that your money – both payouts and deposit are secure and safe if you are a Very Important Person.

Game Verdict

Live VIP Blackjack is the ideal game for high rollers who love this kind of strategy-based casino card game. If you have been searching for a higher bet live blackjack casino version, Evolution Gaming brings Live Blackjack VIP to you. In addition, you will always find exciting blackjack bonuses at frequent intervals. So, think about it and give it a try. Best of luck!