Experience the thrill of playing the Online Teen Patti Game card game

Online Teen Patti Game is a very famous card game founded in India, and it’s quite similar yet diverse from poker. Usually, three to six players can play this game using a single deck of 52 cards, excluding jokers. Before starting the game, players need to decide and collect the boot amount from each player, and then the dealer can begin dealing with the three cards face down. When the game moves forwards, the pot amount increases, and the winner gets the chance to keep the whole pot money. In this game, the winner will remain in the game until the completion of the hand and has the highest hand or the best hand, according to the Online Teen Patti Game rankings.


Ways to play Online Teen Patti Game card game

You can visit Jito India Stars casino to start playing Online Teen Patti Game online. This traditional game is very similar to the British card game named “3 card brag”. Normally 3 to 7 players can play Online Teen Patti Game. Players will use a deck of 52-cards to play this game without jokers. The game discloses similar to the poker game where you will notice the dealer sharing three cards with every player. The dealer distributes those three cards face down and spread them in an anti-clockwise manner. The dealer is also a player in this game, and any player who wins the hand will become the dealer in the upcoming hand. The player who sits on the left side of the dealer place a bet to start the game, and the game keeps on with other players who act accordingly on their turn. Different from several other card games, this particular game lets players wager unlimited on the rounds. The last two players in the game will need to show their cards, and the winner will be the one who holds the highest-ranking hand.

Betting on Online Teen Patti Game

Before you start betting on a Online Teen Patti Game online game at your preferred casino, you will need to know some common betting rules. In addition, there are some important terms used in this game that you need to be aware of.

The minimum bet is popularly known as the boot amount. It is the amount that the players should decide and place at the middle of the table before the commencement of the gambling round. That is the least sum of money that the player should bet to add to the pot. Some players prefer to bet after seeing their cards, and this situation is called ‘Seen.’.’ In contrast, some other players like to bet without seeing their cards in hand; this situation is known as ‘Blind.’ The first amount can bet based on the existing stake and depending on whether the player will be playing seen or blind. The first player of the game should pay the pot amount as the initial bet. Online casino sites like Jito India Stars offer different withdrawal and payment options so that players can cash out their winnings and make their minimum deposits as safely and swiftly as possible. Our casino accepts payments through credit and debit cards, e-wallet payments and bank transfers.

Live Online Teen Patti Game

The good news for the lovers of Online Teen Patti Game card games is that they can enjoy their favorite game live. All the modern casinos power the most recent Online Teen Patti Game software that lets you play live game sessions. Such casinos make sure advanced live gaming sessions where all gaming enthusiasts can enjoy the live Online Teen Patti Game experience. With live dealers distributing cards, placing bets, announcing winners and all the gaming action broadcasted in High-definition through well-equipped casino studios, players can really enjoy playing real-time immersive Online Teen Patti Game.

Online Teen Patti Game on Mobile

Now, it is so easy to find and play Online Teen Patti Game on mobile phones. With the advancement of modern technology, players can easily enjoy playing their favorite Online Teen Patti Game card game on tablets or smartphones. Be it iOS, Windows, Blackberry, or Android phone; you can visit Jito India Stars casino and start playing your game at your fingertips. You will not need to download the game on your device because this casino website provides all casino games on compatible software that support quick play on all devices.

Why is Online Teen Patti Game such a popular game?

Simple and easy

Online betting is about luck and strategies, where the Online Teen Patti Game comes as an energizer. For beginners, this game has straightforward rules which are easy to play. The game comprises a 52-card deck excluding jokers, and all the cards are shuffled properly after each round. In this game, each player aims to possess the highest hand than the dealer. You can practice playing the demo Online Teen Patti Games before starting to play with real money.

It’s all about skill and luck

In this game, your luck will decide your winning odds. Therefore, you might need some skills for optimal gaming. However, it is usually based on the odds. Hence, while playing this game, you don’t need to stand on your toes all the time; you can relax and let your luck do its part. It’s just about the correct odds.

Interesting variations

You can get fed up by playing the same casino games daily, but that’s not the case with Online Teen Patti Game because this game comes with several variations. Without affecting the rules, the variations aid in making your game more entertaining and exciting. There are some additional rules for every interpretation, such as Revolving Joker, AK47 etc., and you can have a better possibility of winning as you experienced the action-packed and new variants of this exciting game.

Greater benefits

Online casinos require fewer expenses to manage, and therefore they distribute more of their returns with their players in the forms of promotions and bonuses. Being a player, you can hope for some perks of authentic online casinos like welcome bonuses that can initially assist you in getting familiar with the web-based casino atmosphere. In addition, playing low-investment casino games like Online Teen Patti Game will surely help you adapt to the environment without the fear of losing lots of money.


Online Teen Patti Game is a seamless and fast game that grabs the attention of players of every age group. Based on the online betting laws and regulations, you can begin to play this exciting card game today.