Speed Blackjack – Trending Version of Standard Blackjack

Evolution Gaming features live Speed Blackjack. It is a game where Speed matters the most. This version of Blackjack also follows the same rules and regulation as conventional Blackjack, with an innovative twist. After dealing with the first two cards, the next player who will receive a card needs to make a quick decision. You will feel the adrenaline rush to your body while playing this game. That is a faster version of the standard blackjack game, which will not give you any time to discuss anything. With speed blackjack, you don't need to wait forever for other gamblers to make their decisions. Enjoy a faster and new way of playing Blackjack, where cards are dealt in no specific order; only the player's Speed of decision-making will decide who will be the next.


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What is Live-Speed Blackjack?

Speed is essential in live speed blackjack. This version of Blackjack is the revolutionary launch for Evolution Gaming as this is a complete game-changer. This version follows the same standard rules of regular Blackjack with the variation that the quickest player responding to their cards gets the chance to go first. When the game starts, every player's initial two cards are dealt usually. Then, after the dealing of those first two cards, all the gamblers will get the chance to Split, Double Down, or Hit simultaneously. The gambler who makes the quickest decision will get his/her next card dealt with first. That pattern of dealing will continue until all gamblers have made all of their choices, plus all needed extra cards have been dealt.

Rules of Speed Blackjack

The Speed Blackjack rules are pretty similar to any standard game of Blackjack. Live speed Blackjack has just one twist, this being the gamblers who are first to determine what to do next with their cards will get the opportunity to deal with their following cards first. Despite that, the game will pursue the same instruction and process as a typical Blackjack game.

Game rules:

• There are 7 seats at every Speed Blackjack table

• The dealer receives two cards

• Blackjack stake pays 3:2

• The dealer arises on all 17s

• Every player will have just one sit

• Splits are permitted, and they can be dealt same as other hands

How to Play Speed Blackjack

Speed blackjack begins with gamblers placing main stakes and being dealt two initial cards, from left to right. After the dealing, bettors need to determine immediately whether they will split, double down, stand, or hit without waiting for other participants to make their decisions. That implies that the fastest players will get the next card or the chance to end the game. In addition to the primary stake, speed blackjack provides two regular side stakes -21+3 and Perfect Pairs. While the latter has a payout of 25:1, the former can pays up to 100:1. If you don't find accessible seats for you at the game table, you can choose the Bet Behind option to play the game behind players that have joined it.

Differences between Live Speed Blackjack and regular Blackjack

If you are an experienced gambler of Live Blackjack, you understand by now that waiting for your turn can be very irritating. When gamblers are dealt in sequence from 1 to 7, some waiting time might be there before the game goes on, and you can ultimately see the dealer's card. Speed blackjack is the option for all gamblers who like to play fast-paced casino games. In this variant, players will not get time to chat with the croupier or overthink about their given card, plus the odds they have. Your maximum decision making time is seven seconds in this blackjack variant, and the time begins after the initial two cards are dealt. The philosophy of first comes, first-out works in this game, and the player who makes their decision quickly is given the next card.

What is Autoplay Feature?

Evolution Gaming claims that the Speed Blackjack is a faster and quicker version than other card games, but the question is, how do they assure that? Well, they depend on the inner gut feeling of all players. Players should get there first, and then they can make their decision quickly. Moreover, the competitiveness of all players, Evolution Gaming has also considered applying an autoplay system that runs when a player doesn't make decisions fast enough. That autoplay system starts working after seven seconds of idleness. If players fail to react in the given time, the autoplay system will take their moves for them.

Advantages of Playing Speed Blackjack

Speed Blackjack is all about the way extra cards are dealt. If you wish to try your luck in Blackjack, plus you don't want to wait a lot for your turn to come, this can be the best version for you. This version is perfect for experienced gamblers who can confidently make their decisions rapidly. In addition, a paradigm set of side stakes make this game more pleasing for those players who wish to take risks for an opportunity to earn more significant rewards.

Final thoughts on Speed Blackjack

Speed Blackjack casino game is the perfect game for all blackjack enthusiasts. Many people believed that accelerating the procedure at a blackjack table was next to impossible, but Evolution Gaming has proved them wrong. They have come up with a fantastic game for all gamblers who need a thrilling and faster experience at their game table. That has been gained by launching an innovative way of dealing cards. As soon as you get familiar with the cards being dealt throughout the table, following no specific order but the one decided by players' decision-making, this game turns out to be a super hit. This version of Blackjack is highly suggested to experienced gamblers who wish to transform their everyday experience at the game table by accelerating and feeling the adrenaline of quick decisions!