Enjoy the most prevalent card game - Speed Baccarat

Speed baccarat is the quickest version of Baccarat games that nearly double the gaming speed. In addition, 27 is the average duration of around 25% quicker than any other game presented by Evolution Gaming. The cards are dealt face up in this super speedy baccarat game without any squeeze. The duration of betting is also short for maintaining the gaming speed. Still, the quick rate of the game doesn’t imply that your preferred bets, such as road bets and side bets, are not there. This version always follows the natural flow of the classic baccarat game. In speed baccarat, every moment counts, and gamblers have identified that; that’s why this version of the Baccarat has become the finest-performing game featured by Evolution Gaming.


Gaming Environment

The action in speed Baccarat happens in a contemporary studio with a flashy background featuring golden light plus other exciting things to give you a feeling of a real-life casino. The rounded baccarat table is enclosed in golden sensed manned by expert dealers who maintain perfect communication flow with gamblers, adding to the overall immersive gaming experience. You can discover see-through dealer shoes on the game table, and whenever the dealer comes to jumble up the cards, you can check the process to ensure that everything is done justly.
You will get a traffic light notification that explains the current status of the gambling round and when you can and cannot place stakes. In addition, the streaks of the game are shown in visible scoreboards, such as the Big Road, Bead Road, and several of the Derived Roads to give you a helpful idea into the game’s statistics. You can quickly check all the controls, and you can easily master them, which makes this version fun and simple to play.

Features of Speed Baccarat

• Faster game with rounds that remains only for 27 seconds

• Multiple players can participate in the game

• Two game tables accessible 24x7

• A significant amount of wagering chances

• Playable across various devices

• Multiple wagering limits

• Special bets

• Live chat support

Benefits of playing Speed Baccarat

Speed Baccarat is an ideal option for you if you want your card gameplay to be furious and fast. This version also follows the standard rules of Baccarat, and therefore they are easy to follow. But, with a new round beginning nearly every 27 seconds, the Speed is fast, which leaves little time to evaluate your upcoming move. Many gamblers think that this quicker pace of the game brings excitements and take the entire game to another level of suspense. It is undoubtedly worth considering a version of Baccarat.

Native-Speaking Dealers

English is the main language of Speed Baccarat. Still, due to the various customisation options given by Evolution Gaming, players can enjoy the game in numerous languages with native-speaking dealers. Such dealers provide an additional edge to this fastest version of Baccarat.

Desktop or Mobile Interface

Speed Baccarat is optimised for all sorts of mobile devices, despite their operating systems. You can enjoy this thrilling game on Windows, iOS, Android, or any other type of system in both portrait and landscape modes. The navigation of this game is smooth, and the game gets a higher score on the scale of user experience. All wagering options are accessible on mobile gadgets, too; thus, you can take your speed Baccarat game with you wherever you go. All you need is a stable internet connection, and then you are ready to go.

Ways to play Speed Baccarat

The rules and formats of this version of Baccarat are similar to any typical game found on live casino. In Speed Baccarat, your aim is to land a three-card hand like 7, 8 or 9 that contains an uppermost single digit value. There are three ways in which you can place a bet

• In a Banker bet, you can wager against your hand

• In Player bet, you can wager on your hand

• In Tie bet, you can wager on equal-value hands

Despite the standard bets, there are many side bets accessible, including the Perfect Pair, Banker and Player Pair and Either Pair. Every round of Speed Baccarat will begin with a gambling round; you will need to place your desired stake on the bet you want to play with during the twelve seconds given. After the timeout, the dealer will draw two cards for both the player and the banker around the table. In Speed Baccarat, the dealer will draw all cards face up right from the beginning and save some time. That side that comes nearer to a nine or eight will triumph that round.

Play Speed Baccarat Online for Free or Real Money

Speed baccarat version is faster gameplay and, therefore, riskier than some other casino games. Thus it would help if you tried to practice your game as much as possible before playing for real money. You can try to play free play mode in web-based casinos to get familiar with the flow and the Speed of the game.

Is Playing Speed Baccarat Is legal in India?

Of course, yes. It is absolutely legal to play this version in India because it is a web-based betting game. The betting regulations have not been amended to ban online betting.


Speed baccarat is considered an exciting and fun way to enjoy a traditional live dealer casino card game. It amps up the action by decreasing your decision-making time. Speed Baccarat is the best option for you if you love live betting and still seeking something new and fresh. Besides, you can enjoy this version more than the original version. Though, you should be aware that you will spot more hands after every hour. Therefore, you should begin your gameplay with a bigger bankroll compared to the normal to fight the increased revelation to the house edge. If you are comfortable enough to take some risks, then you can surely go for speed baccarat. For enjoying the game to the fullest, you will only require a strong internet connection and a smart device. Always remember to practice and learn how to deal with your bankroll before playing this game for real money.