Dragon Tiger

Dragon Tiger is also considered a two-card Baccarat edition. That is because this game has so many similarities with the famous card game. Dragon Tiger was originated in Cambodia, and since then, it has spread in several web-based casinos around the globe. Asian players love this game's fast speed and simplicity, which makes it apt for streak bettors and high rollers. However, this game is designed for all Baccarat lovers, and in this game, you can guess who contains the higher card – Tiger or Dragon. In this game, you will not play against other players or dealers. The objective of this game is to guess which hand possesses the highest card. No extra cards are drawn in this game, implying that Dragon Tiger is more similar to Casino War than Baccarat.


Only two cards are the most important in the game, with three feasible outcomes :

1. Either the tiger or dragon will win, with the prospect of a Tie or push.

2. Flash or the regular version of Dragon Tiger doesn't provide several side bets. But, you can wager on the particular card suit to win and bet on whether the card that triumph will be Small or Big.

3. The live version of the game provides the Suited-Tie optional wager, which gives a fantastic payout.

How to Play Live Dragon Tiger

A regular 52 card deck is used to play Dragon Tiger, and it is dealt from an everyday blackjack shoe. It doesn't use jokers or wilds. The game starts when a player places a wager on whether the Tiger or Dragon. The dealer will lay two cards face-up on the outline, and the winner will be the highest card. The order and rank of the cards pursue their numerical worth. Thus Aces possess a low value, whereas 10, Jack, Queen, and King have the highest value.
Though this card game stays one of the easiest and fun games to enjoy in an online casino, it contains a leading edge compared to Casino War and Baccarat. The house limit is fixed at 3.73% on the two crucial wagers. With a 52-card deck, there are approximately 86,320 possible results of each hand. Nearly 6,448 of this fallout may finish up a tie with the payout of 8:1. Thus, 32.77% is the casino limit on the tie, which is relatively high.
Dragon Tiger is a very famous card game in online casinos in the world. Live Dragon Tiger is a beautiful game that has two possible side bets. This game has grabbed the attention of thousands of players.

How to win Dragon Tiger Game?

Every player who wagers on a tiger or a dragon card and triumph will indeed receive 100% of the bet in this card game. For players who wager on the series or tie and win the game, the wager amount placed will be returned ten times, plus the fifty percent administration fee is subtracted. If you wish to be fortunate while enjoying the Dragon Tiger gameplay, this is undoubtedly the case if you want to place a bet. However, several people want to win the games of luck with maximum results. And indeed, for succeeding with the best outcomes, you should know some essential steps.

1. Feel good

The initial step is to be in an excellent state to ensure that you place your bet. Don't falter for placing a bet because this uncertainty will make it difficult for you to win the game.

2. Place a tie

All players already understand that bettors who wager on a series (tie) will have profits while enjoying this game. When you place a wager on a series (tie), your wagering amount will be returned ten times. And indeed, the number of your victories is enormous.

3. Can play with calm

You need to play your game with calm to win this dragon tiger game. Hence, you should have features that are serene when you play the card game.

How to place a wager?

Placing a bet in the Dragon Tiger card game is more accessible than in Baccarat. Famously called two-card Baccarat, this card game doesn't have complex chances. But, it is challenging to understand how and which wager you place for winning the most payout. The easiest bet is to establish a stake on Tiger or Dragon.

Dragon tiger possesses the highest house limit of 3.7%, which is quite advanced than Baccarat. Mentioned below are various types of wagers placed in the game -

  • Tie bet: money is placed on conditions that both hands will possess a similar value. The payout in this game is 8:1.
  • Simple bet: this entails just playing your amount on either Tiger or Dragon. The payout in this bet is 1:1.
  • Suited bet: this wager involved presuming the correct suit of the card with a payout of 3:1.
  • Low and High: a low or high bet matches to high numbers (King, Queen, Jack, 10, 9, and 8) and low numbers (starting from Ace to 6). The payout in this type of bet is 1:1.
  • Suited Tie bet: this bet is related to guessing the correct suit and number in case of a tie. 50:1 is the most attractive payout for this type of bet.

Dragon Tiger – Anytime, anywhere

It is not possible every time to sit in front of your computer screen at any place. For example, when you are on tour or just traveling as a schedule, they miss playing their preferred casino games. So many online casino sites, including Jito India Stars, have introduced their mobile app or mobile website. That allows you to play your selected games like Baccarat anytime, anywhere. Now you can enjoy gambling on the go with awesome soundtracks and high-quality graphics. The mobile applications and websites are supported on all Android-based tablets and smartphones and iPads, and iPhones.


Depending on the unique features and main mechanics, the Dragon Tiger card game is one of the best card games. You will need just a few minutes to learn the game, whereas its player interface is easy to use and made to give you helpful ideas into fashions in the game and payout ratio.