Online Live Baccarat casino game – side bet options and rules

Online Live Baccarat is considered one of the most famous casino games globally, and it is also one of the most classic card games. This game is interesting because the online and offline casinos have an extremely low house edge than other card games. This game is a slow-paced and very simple game that is perfect for new players. There is no skill and strategy required to play Baccarat, and it provides some of the finest odds in the casino. A lot of the latest versions of this game are getting famous in various nations over the years. Some of the most popular versions of Online Live Baccarat are the French versions like - Punto Banco, Online Live Baccarat Banque, Chemin de Fer, etc.


The most famous Online Live Baccarat Games to play online

Online Online Live Baccarat casino game is accessible in variations as mottled as they come. You can play this Game with Asian or European dealers across the globe. The dealers are trained to speak different languages, and therefore it becomes easy for players from all parts of the world to discover a native table. Veteran experts with wonderful personalities understand how to assist all players to play the game with pleasure. You will also enjoy the high-resolution video, different chat options, and different camera angles. You can discover tables that can match your likings regarding side bets, bet limits, currency, languages, and more. Here are some very famous Online Live Baccarat versions that you can find and play online.

1. VIP Online Live Baccarat

This game is played at exclusive Online Live Baccarat tables in separate rooms where stakes are sky-high. This version of the Online Live Baccarat game is aimed at the high-rollers who simply like the adrenaline rush of large stakes. This game is played with the VIP players at seven-seat tables with 8 standard card decks. VIP Online Live Baccarat is a high wager game wherein the player who has placed the largest bet gets the opportunity to check out the face-down cards. Also, the player receives the chance to control the squeeze option and understand the result of the deal earlier than the other players do.

2. Online Live Baccarat Squeeze

The only difference between standard Online Live Baccarat and Online Live Baccarat squeeze is the method of card dealing. Rather than dealing the cards face-up, live dealer in this version deals them face-down. Then the cards are folded on every side by the croupier. That creates tension, and players get very thrilled if they feel a positive result. This squeezing of cards is very interesting, and it doesn't affect the game's final result. It is just used to boost excitement and create anticipation.

3. Progressive Online Live Baccarat

This Online Live Baccarat version looks like a standard game played with the regular 8 decks of cards, but its side bets are what make this game more exciting. This interesting version provides the player with a progressive jackpot side wager beside the typical wagers and high RTP. The jackpot is distributed equally between all gamblers at the game table, placing a bet on the side wager for the round.

4. Mini Baccarat

This version of Online Live Baccarat is played as per the regulations of American Baccarat, however, at lower gambling limits and with 6 decks of cards in place of the conventional 8 decks. The dealer shuffles the cards and then reshuffles them and puts them in a box, usually referred to as a shoe. You will not find options of standing or drawing in this version of Baccarat. The game objective is to come closer to the number 9. Tens and face cards, or any mix of cards summing ten, count as zero. The value of a deuce is 2, and the value of an Ace is 1.

Why is the Online Live Baccarat card game so famous?

Regular practice is important to win any game, even for the famous casino card game, Baccarat. Playing the game frequently also allows you to learn the tricks and strategies to become a better player. So, without wasting further time, let's delve into some of the most popular reasons why you should play Baccarat.

Online Live Baccarat brings excitement

Online Live Baccarat is thrilling and exciting, which is why many people love to play it. This game provides a level of excitement that you cannot achieve with other casino games. You have to let yourself get lost in the gaming environment and forget about your worries when concentrating on your game.

Enjoy plenty of Online Live Baccarat bonuses

Bonuses are wonderful for online casinos because they grab more players' attention, and more money is earned. Online Live Baccarat bonus codes are presented to separate players. These receivers will get a specific sum of money for free. Many players love to know the fact that they can enjoy a Online Live Baccarat bonus. That can offer more free cash, and it's always fun. It's like a win-win situation for both the casino and the player.

Easy to play game

Playing Online Live Baccarat is not rocket science. There are some basic rules that you should know; however, as a whole, playing Online Live Baccarat is very easy. This game doesn't need you to have super-human skills or lightning-fast reflexes. It is a game that anyone can easily play. The thrill of this game makes it what it is. If you are seeking an exhilarating casino game, then your search ends here. It is a straightforward card game that can get thrilling quickly when you play.

Control the Speed of the Game

At a physical casino, the dealer decides the flow of the game. They collect wagers, deal the hands, and determine when to begin the next round. Casino profits are mainly shown by how quickly the game runs. Nevertheless, they possess the profits and stand to earn more cash from quicker play. Hence, you don't receive much of a break in the middle of the rounds. If you endure for any longer period, then you may also lose your seat. On the contrary, online Online Live Baccarat provides you complete control over the game speed. You can determine when the rounds start, when you want to bet and when a new hand starts. If you think that the game speed is not fast enough as per your preference, you can also accelerate the action.