Experience a ground-breaking Live Auto Roulette

Live Auto Roulette is a version of European roulette ideal for high-rollers who want to play the fast-speed game at the wheel. Evolution Gaming offers an Live Auto Roulette casino game that can generate up to 80 games after every hour. You can enjoy this version 24x7. Evolution Gaming has made it appear more virtual than real-life. The screen focuses on the gambling table with a miniature roulette wheel. The pioneering game options from Evolution Gaming give table game players an extensive range of games to enjoy. Each gaming experience is designed by considering a specific audience. That is the reason why Evolution Gaming rules the industry of live casino for the last decade.


When it comes to Live Auto Roulette, it is a game that doesn't have the involvement of a dealer. If you seek the fast-paced gaming action and have a less personal live casino gambling experience, then Live Auto Roulette will fulfil your requirements. However, newbies are initially frightened of live dealers. Thus Live Auto Roulette is a perfect bridge-game version between live dealer gaming and virtual gaming. Here, you will get the feeling of a real roulette studio and when without the live dealer. Live Auto Roulette version has various similarities to other virtual roulette games; however, the vast difference can place a big stake. Your screen will accommodate a screen where you can see the wheels' latest numbers to aid you in making your next wager decision. The game may seem virtual; however, the roulette wheel is real.

Thrills and speed

The fast-paced deed of Live Auto Roulette is not for everyone, but the best thing is that you can play various games from the given 80 games every hour. Regular European roulette games keep you waiting for plenty of minutes between games – you will not find it here. Furthermore, the wagers are increased; thus, no more table limits are there to keep you at a specific wagering level. That is a roulette game that you can play whenever you want, plus it gives an opulence VIP feel to it. Here, you don't need to listen to the dealers making idle chit-chat in this version because this game has no dealer.

Many other exciting features

Take a seat at a live online casino table with a high-class live casino surrounding and an actual roulette wheel. You will not find a live dealer host in this version; however, it is recited by a digital voice that will call an end and introduce to wagering and proclaim the fallouts of each spin. You can select between the 3D View and the Classic View when playing the game. You will not see multi-angle camera shots for faster and simpler gameplay instead of an immersive experience. The user interface is easy to use and straightforward. Each chip denomination is isolated with an exceptional colour for simple identification.

Game Mechanics

The players play the game on a classic European Roulette wheel with 37 unique pockets, with numbers from 0-36. A gambling grid is accessible on the screen with positions mentioned to match all the expected results of the wheel. You will need to click on your required chip denomination and drag the same to your preferred position on the grid. When a relator closes the wagering, the wheel will spin, and the small white ball will decide the result of the round. While players can easily win outside bets, the payouts are less than inside/straight-up wagers in the game. The game is designed for unlimited wagering potential, which will entice High Rollers. Though games with a stake spread of €0.10 to €10,000 are well-known, the spread differs depending on the casino where you play. If you decide to play a straight-up wager, a maximum stake of €10,000 can turn to €350,000 in just one round and give you 97.3% RTP.

Special Features

Excluding the speed at which the Live Auto Roulette plays than standard live roulette versions, there are no exceptional features accessible in this version. Instead, the game pursues well-known base gameplay.

Play 'On-The-Go'

Tablets and mobile phones dominate the world when it comes to the ease of gaming. Due to this reason, Evolution Gaming has ensured that you can play their complete range of casino games while on the move. That implies that you can utter how and when you should play. The gaming software is developed by the most recent HTML5 technology to give you the chance to play straight from the web browser, without the requirement for additional software downloads of any kind. The user interface on the smaller display can give you effortless control on the desktop, but their placements optimise your visibility and sustain a level of immersion.


Live Auto Roulette, presented by Evolution Gaming, is an automatic roulette wheel that plays automatically without the involvement of live dealers. That is because of the super famous airpower technology that emits the balls. Live Auto Roulette provides many benefits to online versions and live games. Game round speed is the main among these. It is a standard version of live roulette, and you can anticipate every gaming round to be approximately 2 minutes in duration. In this version, durations are lessened by nearly 50 percent – increasing the entire gambling sessions accessible. And since real dealers are ideal for interactions and chatting, they can make mistakes. That can decelerate the game and have a massive impact on outcomes. But due to the meticulous technology, this Live Auto Roulette plays itself with nearly zero errors. The last main benefit of this version is that it is a genuine game wheel. And for the lovers of solitary games such as online roulette, this version can be a deciding factor. Rather than having your fallouts evaluated by a computer algorithm – players can allow lady luck to take the wheel. Of course, Live Auto Roulette games are not suitable for everyone. That is not the game for players who love the company of live dealers. However, for players who want the adventure of roulette in a well-paced and mistake-free environment – Live Auto Roulette is perfect.