Online Andar Bahar Game - Enjoy high suspense and thrilling games online

Online Andar Bahar Game is a famous and well-known Indian card game that was founded in Bangalore. This game is also popular with the name Mangatha or Katti. It is a betting game that is played without real money. It is the latest game compared to Online Baccarat and Online Blackjack, and it has a loyal fanbase who fervently play and win. It is easy and quick to learn, and any number of people can play this game.


Online Andar Bahar Game

This fun-filled game involves enjoying the game as you would typically do with your family and friends. You can try your luck for real-money thrills or free fun. It is furious, fast, and completely immersive and will keep you engaged for a long time. The best thing about this conventionally famous game is that it is moveable. All you need is a deck of cards without additional complications of chips, wheels, or gaming tables. When you play this game online, it becomes genuinely portable. You can play this game on your tablet, smartphone, or PC.

Standard terms related to Online Andar Bahar Game

For playing Online Andar Bahar Game, you will only need to remember two terms, which are -

• Andar: boxes that are kept on the table to place cards are known as Andar. These boxes are held on the left side of the player.

• Bahar: these boxes are kept on the player’s right side on the game table to place the cards.

How to play Online Andar Bahar Game

The results of this game mainly depend on luck with some guesswork, just like several other card games. Players can play this game with a deck of 52 cards, and the chances of winning this game are 50-50. You can pick from two sides on the game table, which is either bahar or andar. When the dealer cut and deal with the card, you will have to guess which box an identically numbered card will appear in. It’s effortless.

Standard rules of Online Andar Bahar Game

We have already told you the basics of playing this exciting card game, but there are some more rules that you will need to remember. Those standard rules are very straightforward, and that is the best thing about this game. The most straightforward theme of this game is that you can either wager that Bahar or Andar; if your prediction is correct, you will earn double the money. some other important rules to remember are as follows-

• Dwell on which bets you wish to play

• Always place your wager before the commencement of the game

• In case of your winning, you will get your money automatically

• Lastly, improve your strategy and get ready to place another bet

You see, there are not many things to consider while learning the standard rules of Online Andar Bahar Game. It is a straightforward game which makes it fun to play.

Know the main reasons behind the esteem of Online Andar Bahar Game

The most straightforward explanation about the Online Andar Bahar Game card game is that it is easy and quick to play that hardly lasts more than 5 minutes, comprising the duration of placing your wagers. As you already know, the Online Andar Bahar Game card game doesn’t base on strict rules. Therefore, you can quickly and easily learn the game without any difficulties. Multiple players can easily play this game with a single deck of cards without the requirements of wheels, tables, or chips. The considerable flexibility gives you the tremendous opportunity to play this game with as many players as you want without any limit.

Table Limits

10 is the least betting amount that you can place to play the game. However, the highest betting amount to place is 10,000 in the Online Andar Bahar Game card game.

Payout and Winning Potential

While playing this game, the payouts are always made on your precise prediction of where the corresponding card number will show. But, this also associates with whether the initial card was a red or black suit and whether it was dealt Bahar or Andar. If the corresponding card number shows on the same site where the initial card was sold, you can get a payout of 90%. However, if the card offers on the other side, you will get a 100% payout.

Various versions of Online Andar Bahar Game

Similar to other card games like baccarat, blackjack, and roulette live online, there are so many variations of the Online Andar Bahar Game card game. Here are some ways you can enjoy playing this game with your comfort.

Online Andar Bahar Game

You can play this version on a web-based casino that provides this game in numerous designs, themes, and 3D or 2D animated graphics. Tamper-proof software controls this version of the game. This software is audited and authorized by famous regulating bodies to ensure the fair and safe gaming experience of players. Besides, the software generates the game outcome using RNGs (random number generators).

Live Online Andar Bahar Game

10 is the least betting amount that you can place to play the game. However, the highest betting amount to place is 10,000 in the Online Andar Bahar Game card game.If you wish to have a lifelike experience from the ease of your home, you can prefer to play Live Online Andar Bahar Game. That is the version where a human dealer dealt the cards in real-time to players, and he is broadcasted in HD quality via the internet. You will also get the option of live chat to communicate with the dealer. Also, you can perform lots of functions using a user-friendly and simplified interface. That gives the simplicity to place your bets from any of your devices from anywhere.

Video Online Andar Bahar Game

This version is a suitable choice for you if you want real human dealers who can deal with your cards. Video Online Andar Bahar Game usually features 3D or 2D animated graphics, which are operated by cheat-proof software. Sadly, you will not get a live chat option to communicate with other people.

Multiplayer Online Andar Bahar Game

As its name suggests, this version hosts numerous players simultaneously. Unlike video Online Andar Bahar Game, in this version, you can easily communicate with other people while enjoying this game. You can play multiplayer Online Andar Bahar Game online or live. However, you wouldn’t choose the main card at the starting phase of the round.